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Engineering · Sleman, DI Yogyakarta
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Minimum Experience Experienced

Come join us! We are a fast-growing and well-funded U.S.-based startup in Seattle, Washington with teams in Vancouver, Canada, Suzhou, and a growing office in Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Founded by industry veterans from EA, LucasArts, and EpicGames, who built the online backends for well-known titles and platforms such as EA Origin, FIFA, StarWars.com, UnrealEngine, Fortnite, Paragon, and UnrealTournament. Our company develops technology for the major well-known online game studios and publishers across the USA, Europe, and the world.

Our Mission

We are game industry veterans with years of experience building and operating live systems. As a rapidly growing startup with teams around the world, we craft technology solutions to serve game studios that are making the next generation of games.

Compensation & Benefits

We offer you Competitive salaries and other benefits: Relocation package, Private Insurance (family included and it's Cashless!), Full coverage BPJS Kes & TK, Flexy benefit, Periodic MCU, Sports activities (badminton, yoga, futsal and you can propose a new activity!), Social activity (company outings, Accelebrate, knowledge sharing session), Food to keep your engine up and running (breakfast & Lunch, fruits and snacks every day, coffee brewing), Opportunities for overseas travel, etc.

Our Culture

We believe that the best companies are ones where employees are empowered to make decisions, obsess about what’s best for users, and are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Our engineering culture is based on humility, openness to feedback, and collaboration which we feel results in the best performing engineering teams and the most beneficial to everyone's growth.

Job Description

BlackBox offers a suite of essential tools that developers use to efficiently capture and analyze game crashes, monitor the performance of all key game systems, and distro of team dev builds.

You are going to work in the BlackBox TypeScript Frontend team, the developers who built the BlackBox website and the build distribution desktop application. You will be involved with either the BlackBox website, the build distribution app or both.

  • Collaborate with peers to design and deliver features with correctness, security, resilience, user experience, and performance in mind.
  • Design and implement the architecture and the interface between components for peers to use.
  • Take part in liaison with adjacent engineering teams and the product team to shape and mold the product into a better version of itself on each iteration.
  • Shape the source code into both high-performant instructions and a medium for sharing knowledge with peers.
  • Occasionally tinker with development process automation, compilation, and automated build script.
  • Occasionally tinker and do research with foreign and exotic third-party programs and APIs.


  • Solid understanding of
    • TypeScript and JavaScript.
    • Modern async JavaScript concepts: async, promise, generator, Timer.
    • Principles and benefits of static-typed programming language.
    • Principles and best practices of software testability and testing.
    • Working with concurrent systems bearing in mind thread safety.
  • Solid understanding of and/or enthusiasm about:
    • System scalability and observability.
    • Information security best practices.
    • Computer science and engineering, and best practices in general.
    • Various programming paradigms and patterns and the problem they solve, including but not limited to: declarative programming, functional programming, message passing, object-oriented architecture, event sourcing, composition vs inheritance, dependency injection.
  • Familiarity with:
    • HTML, CSS or CSS preprocessors, and DOM
    • React (or equivalent)
    • NodeJS
    • Webpack or other JavaScript build tools
  • Solid general performance and troubleshooting skills
  • Forward-thinking and up to date on current and emerging architecture patterns
  • Interested in building a product to support game developers.

If you don’t fulfill all the requirements but feel you can catch up in three months or less, and, more importantly, if you feel you can have fun learning on the job, please do apply. We’re glad to have a fast learner as much as experienced people on board.

Nice to Have

  • Familiarity with Cloud Technologies
  • Familiarity with working in a full-stack environment
  • Familiarity with common OS knowledge, including but not limited to process and threads management, specific OS storage location convention, specific OS file primitives
  • Familiarity with authoring NodeJS Native dependencies
  • Familiarity with Electron or alternative desktop application frameworks

AccelByte Inc is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, all qualified candidates applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or disability. Our culture is innovative, inclusive, and we value our people highest.

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